Your Local Team

Local Executive

Local Coordinator – Donna Oliver

Vice Local Coordinator/Local Secretary – Jennifer Fortier

Local Treasurer – Rebecca Sanderson

Are you interested in joining our team?

Contact your Bargaining Unit President to learn more about open positions and opportunities to get involved.

Bargaining Unit Presidents

Better Living at Thompson House
Labour Relations Officer – Sherri Street

Bloomington Cove
Bargaining Unit President – Serena Auckland

Cedarvale Nursing Home
Labour Relations Officer – Silvanna Peterson

Dufferin Oaks
Bargaining Unit President – Jana Prentice

Eagle Terrace (Revera)
Bargaining Unit President – Svetlana Itelman

Headwaters Health Care Center
Bargaining Unit President – Angela Roberts
Return to Work Chair – Annette Smith

Mackenzie Health
Bargaining Unit President – Nadiya Boshko

River Glen Haven Nursing Home
Bargaining Unit President – Diya Kuriakos

Southlake Regional Health Center
Interim Bargaining Unit President – Barb Conlon
Grievance Officer – Donna Oliver
Professional Practice/Workload Chair – Kirsten Tamm
Bargaining Unit Secretary – Natalie McBride

Southlake Regional Health Center (RT/Allied)
Bargaining Unit President – Lisa Wilson
Grievance Chair – Jennifer Fortier

Southlake Residential Care
Bargaining Unit President – Melissa Ash

The Willows Nursing Home
Labour Relations Officer – Miranda Liu

If you have a labour relations issue, have recently started a new job but have not signed up through your union representative, or have questions/concerns about your contract or working conditions, please contact your Bargaining Unit President.